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 Flyff glitches =p

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Flyff glitches =p Empty
PostSubject: Flyff glitches =p   Flyff glitches =p Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 9:05 pm

if you know them, post them here. Rolling Eyes
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Flyff glitches =p Empty
PostSubject: Re: Flyff glitches =p   Flyff glitches =p Icon_minitimeThu Jul 10, 2008 7:29 am

ok, I'll try listing all the know glitches that I came across.

1. Drop rate increasing glitches (not bannable)
- need some QI? relog, kill 2-3 mobs. if any of them drops QI stay on the server. if not - try relogging once more. if the drop rate gets low again in 15-20min just relog once more.
- after killing a giant always kill 1-2 small mobs of his kind. the drop rate increases with mob's lvl, so after killing high lvled giant your drop rate increases and a minion might drop a QI or item.
- kill massively (i.e. aoe) for like 20-30 min the SAME type of mobs, and then try killing 1-2 mobs a few lvls higher then the previous ones.
- another sad example of drop rate increase is... dying. and no, I'm not joking ;]

2. Mushrooms (bannable)
- get a bunch of mobs, jump up on a mushroom and kill without getting hit. by mushrooms I mean those blue shiny ones by syliacas and mushpois.

3. BJ double attack glitch (bannable)
- not sure how u do this (if anyone knows, pls post), but the effect os that u hit mobs almost twice as fast with a bow, which ofc means twice faster kill.

4. Party glitch
- pretty messy glitch. the effects are as follows: being party leader u can't join/kick players, transfer the lead to anyone and even speak in party chat. what's more... when u relog u keep being party leader and ur visible as being online even tho ur off. solution - disban party.

5. Lag glitches
- disappearing mobs - when on ground simply jump up to refresh their positions, when flying fly up or down rapidly.
- arena glitch - players seem to be in non PK area, but due to lag they can hit you. massively abused (probly bannable).

6. Action slot glitch
- probly all have came across it - skills in action slot can't be used. best solution - take a few steps and try again.

7. Double selection glitch
- I'm thinking about reporting this one to gala. It happens to my ele quite a lot on mushies - u can have 2 mobs selected at the same, tho u can attack only one of them at the same time.

I'll do some reading on flyff forums and keep updating the post, meanwhile post the glitches ur familiar with.
One more thing - visit
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Flyff glitches =p
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