Guild Pyroclasm of the game Flyff. Clockworks server
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PostSubject: NEWS AND INFORMATION (PLEASE READ)   NEWS AND INFORMATION (PLEASE READ) Icon_minitimeSun Jul 20, 2008 11:07 pm


1. Always listen to the GM (deidara), the main branch leader (Junette), & of course the instructors.

2. Request Penya before takeing it from the guild warehouse.

3. You must wear your cape at all times.

4. No drama or arguing.

5. You must be active once every 3 days and you are expected to gain 1 level every 3 days.

6. No stealing from warehouse, the items are there for you to use. Takeing them is fine, but yu must return them when finished unless you have pemission from a leader or an instructor telling you that the item can be kept. Also remember that items like food and refreshers are always takeable, you are not required to return them.

7. Do not beg or ask to be ranked up or moved into the main Pyroclasm branch early.

8. We do provide powerleveling, ringmaster assistance, and any other help, but we do not in any way make it our goal to devote ALL our time to it. Relying to heavily on us proves only that you're not worthy of Pyroclasm. DO NOT hessitate to ask for assistance, but do not ask for help with something you can do on you own.


[list]The academy is here for the training and assistance of low leveled players wishing to join the main Pyroclasm branch. We're here to level the members of the academy to level 60, once at level 60 the member must leave academy and join the main Pyroclasm branch.

Members of the academy should not hessitate to ask the guild master (deidara), the branch leader (Junette), or one of the instructors for help.

On the guild window (press "g" to view in game) under the section with the list of guild members. You may see the leader of the academy who is marked by the yellow star and the instructors who are marked with 3 green symbols. These people are here to help you and you should not hessitate to ask them questions or for help, all instructors and the GM are skilled and veteran players of flyff and should be able to answer any question.

Ever member is given 3 strikes. If a member breaks a rule it = 1 strike.....once they break all 3 they are kicked from academy and refused entrance into the main branch until further notice.

For every 5 levels a member gains, they're given a class up, for every 15 levels gained a member is ranked up. Members of higher class and rank have greated authority of those of lower ranks.

Capes are provided for ALL members. Just go to any mailbox in any town and peak with the woman next to it. Then proceed to the Guild Warehouse and withdraw the cape.

Providing donations or contributions is the only way to level our guild. Those with high questie donations are rewarded.

Also remember to check this site for announcements, news, and any other important information. You are entitled also to ask the founder of Pyroclasm, now the Academy leader (deidara) any question you may have or you can ask him....(which is me) anything you like. Also remember that you can get in touch with me under the SN Sin17 also. If I can't help you at the moment then please don't take offense. I have business i must tend to in some cases.[*]
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