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 Oh, What the fuck. Hax. 'Sup Bithces.

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Oh, What the fuck. Hax. 'Sup Bithces. Empty
PostSubject: Oh, What the fuck. Hax. 'Sup Bithces.   Oh, What the fuck. Hax. 'Sup Bithces. Icon_minitimeSat Jan 23, 2010 9:47 pm

This place is still up. Wow haha can't believe I am this drunk to be here, fuck bitches what you all up to?
Hopefully you've all seen sense and moved on away from the game if not well get out and get laid.
I love you all, and miss you all very much, MSN Gang Bang one day? All of us? Yeah lets do it.

Now without further a do mentions;

Shalynn Marie Santos{/b]
Takingbackshayy. " Love you baby" Hopefully we can put all this shit in a grave and get back to how we was. No point chucking a six year friendship away over a game right? We're awesome friends we know shit about each other that no one eles does gosh I miss you like lots and l ots and lots, haha over and over I fall for you. Our song baby doll.
Hopefully my Kitty is alll nice and snuck in bed.
You know very well I still care about you more than anyone eles would. Like I said I'ma man of my word and damn I love you.
< 5<5<5Shay<5<5<5


Oh the hot dane I know you don't play anymore damn bitch you got MSN? (If so add me details at bottom) My second best friend in Pyro, and debtable my second best on the game(Tied with Ana Korin<3) Anyway hopefully you did well in your tests maybe I should come vist you and show you the meaning on naughty.

Fucking pedo shouldof came on Clockworks a bit more and stop riding Glaphans balls haha! Great guy Me Shay and Nef missed you loads.
Heh Don't know what to say but you all ways put a smileon my face with your inuendos bitch.
Haha add me!
<3<3Opi<3<3 No homo

Oh yeah the sexiest little woman I know damn I know you got MSN you whore so like the others add me all them times me leeching on the Mushroom while you was sweating your tits off haha we had some quality conversations though and don't worry I keptmy mouth should about your private life, haha was still funnyyou doing all the hard work then me taking you over then us going head to head for me toprove 1 vs 1 can be brutal against AoE.

Haha it's funny I've been trying to get in touch with you to apolgoise for the shit inthe past but to no avail shit woman get Facebook or something or add me on MSN.
Damn did we have some drunk convo's on MSN getting pubes trapped in the zipper and stuff.
Lets put the past behind us and try being friends.

ConchaJuga something?
Get out the basement more really.
<3 Concha<3

Way to get me banned you douche.


You still couldn't beat me in PvP and you never will.

Sorry if I missed any of you but my drunken mind can't remember any more that really stayed in my head.

Anyway Contact Information(If you wanna' try keeping in touch):





I love you allllll. Hopefully you haven't forgot about me.<3
<3 Ste the best PvP'er in Pyroclasm.[b]
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Oh, What the fuck. Hax. 'Sup Bithces.
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